Spirit of the False Prophet Audiobook

Spirit of the False Prophet Audiobook

Digital audiobook download* of Spirit of the False Prophet by Dr. J.B. Hixson. Narrated by Phil Schoen. 8.5 hours long. This audiobook is also available on Audible through Amazon. To purchase a physical copy of this book, click here. 

The stage is being set for global tyranny in previously unimaginable ways. Yesterday’s science fiction stories have become today’s headlines as technological advancements provide powerful new tools in the Luciferian arsenal. Thanks to stunning developments in the realm of artificial intelligence, a full spectrum planetary control grid is now well within reach for Satan’s earthly co-conspirators.

The two-volume series, Spirit of the Antichrist, exposed various ways Satan’s accomplices are pulling the strings of world affairs and building an empire cloaked in deception, setting the stage for the arrival of the Antichrist. Spirit of the False Prophet continues the investigation into the Luciferian Conspiracy by digging deeper into the role of the Antichrist's henchman, the False Prophet. How will AI, biometric surveillance, digital currency, and a global ID system pave the way for the coming global technocracy and the mark of the Beast?

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